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10 Years with Erik and Kalle

10 years have passed since Erik Mogeno came in 2nd place in Norwegian Talents, and decided to live on entertainment. To mark this, he has put together a big anniversary show to be shown across the country in 2020.

This show has been in the works for over a year and will be a magical, and not least a humorous journey for the whole family. You'll meet some of Erik`s most popular characters, like the hyper, and slightly nervous Rotta Geir, the beautyful ostrich Erna, the bitter Kjell, and the always popular and somewhat spiteful rabbit Kalle, plus a few more surprises.

Erik Mogeno is known for his good communication ability to the children, and we guarantee a show the children will talk about in retrospect. This is a high-class family show and also features fun for youth and adults.

After over 2000 performances across the country over the last 10 years, you may have experienced one or more of Erik's shows in the past. This show is brand new for the occasion, and contains songs you've never seen before.

So join in celebrating Erik Mogeno`s 10th anniversary as a professional artist at Narvik cultural center

Read more about Erik Mogeno at www.erikmogeno.com

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  • 15 February 14:00

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