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Arctic Kids Family weekend at Ballangen Camping

You want to make this weekend a unique family trip at Ballangen Camping. You will experience a lot of fun, competitions and a whole bunch of cool activities here.

The campground is a solid playground with everything from mini golf, trampoline, an outdoor swimming pool and its own beach with boat rental. After the kids have bet their parents in mini golf, one finds calm in a canoe in the company of mother or father. Top it off with delicious pizza and soda on the campsite's own pizza shop. You will find out that this trip is completely worth it after all.

Price: NOK 100 per person
Included in the price: 2 activities, 2 pizza slide, 1 soda
Time: 10.00 - 18.00 (10-13 / 13-16 / 16 - 18)
Participants: Max 100 tickets per day
Place: Ballangen Camping

Contact information

  • Ballangen Camping

Product information

Prices from : 100 NOK Per person

- NOK 100 Per person

Activity duration: Hours : 8h

Product attributes

  • Bookable
  • Family Friendly