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Arctic Kids weekend in the wild

Meet up and learn lots of fishing tricks. When the fish is caught, we must warm up, cook it and eat it right away. It won't get any fresher than that.

This weekend, Arctic Event will take you on a spectacular outdoor adventure. Everyone gets to try fishing with your own fishing rod, and the group that arranges it all have some clever fishing tricks to share. If we manage to catch a fish and bring it to land without spilling it out back in the sea, then the organizers will gladly help us prepare the fish, in order to eat it right on the stop, just like real people in the wild would do.

We will also explore the shoreline, going on a small expedition to a nearby islet, where the parents can completely relax, and where real bonfire coffee will be served.

Price: NOK 100,- per children
Included in the price: Fishing equipement, and help to preserve the fish and prepare a meal
Time: 12.00 - 16.00
Participants: Max 15 children per day
Place/Meeting point: Samfunnshuset på Trældal, Trældalsveien 27, 8517 Narvik

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Prices from : 100 NOK Child

- NOK 100 per child

Activity duration: Hours : 4h

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  • Bookable
  • Family Friendly
  • Arctic living