Kunst & sånn vernissage i Vinterfestuka

Art & that kind of vernissage in Vinterfestuka

A sales exhibition with Steffen Henriksen, Grethe Irene, Ann-Kristin and Sissel Einarsen

Steffen is an art-interested social scientist and civil engineer from Narvik.

Since 2000, he has contributed to Grethe's artistry in various ways. The first years as a frame maker, calculation of foundations and assembly. Later, they collaborated to a greater extent on the design and production of installations. They are currently working towards a large joint exhibition at Galleri Lille Kabelvåg and art museum, which will open in autumn 2023.

Steffen works with sculptural objects. These are an exploration of different materials, processing and design. He was assumed with a work at the Northern Norwegian Art Exhibition in 2023.
Grethe is a visual artist from Narvik who majored in photography at Bergen University of the Arts in 1999. After her education, based in Narvik, she has worked with art books, decorations and exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally. Grethe works project-based with images, objects and installations where photography plays a central role. The artistry affects the complexity of man and society in different ways. She explores identity, interpersonal relationships and place experiences. She has participated in several juried exhibitions, and received the Norwegian Culture Council's work grant.
Ann Kristin is from Narvik, but lives and works in Oslo. She has a Master's in material-based art from Oslo University College of Art, and a background in craft studies from Volda University College and Telemark University College. She has won the Norwegian Bo Bedre Design Award for 'Handicraft of the Year' twice, and her work has been exhibited at home and abroad. In 2019, she explored the vase as a concept, posting a photo of a new object on Instagram every day. The project '#365vases' was presented at Galleri Format in Oslo in 2020, and acquired by the Norwegian Museum of Art and Industry. She works primarily with ceramics and porcelain, and explores the material's properties and possibilities.
Sissel is the mother of Grethe and Ann-Kristin, an important inspiration and contributor to the joy of creation in the family. Throughout their upbringing, the daughters were exposed to various craft techniques, and had the opportunity to explore for themselves. Sissel has worked with, among other things: knitting, weaving, sewing, wood carving and leather traps. Sissel contributes to the exhibition in VU with wood and leather work.

The exhibition shows a mixture of completely new works, as well as "stock sales" of both framed pictures and proofs. It will be possible to buy art directly from the wall.


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