Barnas sykkeldager
Barnas sykkeldager

Children's cycling days

Now you can take the children on cycling days here in Narvikfjellet! Every Wednesday and Sunday from week 26 to week 33, the children can come and ride the cycle tracks with the conveyor belt as a means of transport, or let them learn new tricks and improve their balance in the pump track.

The offer is free for all children who bring their own bicycle and bicycle helmet.

What happens on Children's Cycling Days?
The children's cycling days will take place on Wednesdays from 12.00 - 16.00 and Sundays from 11.00 - 14.00 in the period from week 26 to week 33. We will open the conveyor belt, the cycle track and there will be free cycling on the pump track for the children. Remember that all children must bring their own bicycle and bicycle helmet.

Something for everyone
Let the children have fun on two wheels in the bike trails, where the conveyor belt helps them up the hills. They can also learn new tricks and improve the balance of the pump track. For those who do not cycle, there is an exciting obstacle course where children can challenge their skills by climbing and balancing through various obstacles. The slide and swings are always popular, and for those who want to take it a little more calmly, the sandpit is a great alternative. These activities ensure that the children have fun together!

Ski shop
It will also be possible to buy ice cream, sausage, waffles and drinks in the Skishop.


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  • 21 July 11:00
  • 24 July 12:00
  • 28 July 11:00
  • 31 July 12:00
  • 04 August 11:00
  • 07 August 12:00
  • 11 August 11:00
  • 14 August 12:00

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