Let your arctic adventure start in Narvik

Located perfectly in the arctic Norway and in the midle of the northern lights belt, the Narvik region is a prime starting point for your classic arctic adventure. The Narvik region can offer a great variety of arctic experiences, both in summer- an winter time. 


Midnight Sun
From mid-May until the end of July the sun never sets in Narvik. This phenomenon is commonly known as the midnight sun. There is no need to get up early to seize the day – you have daylight 24/7. Even in August and September the sun lingers above the horizon until around 9 p.m

The Arctic Lights and the Northern Lights
Being located within the auroral zone, the Narvik region is an excellent place to experience the Northern Lights. The light conditions north of the Arctic Circle are very special, and in winter you can experience the sky in both pink, purple and orange before the collar play turns info flickering northern lights and starry skies.

Arctic Experiences
Narvik is situated between steep mountains and narrow fjords. With an astonishing, arctic nature as a backdrop, the region offers a wide range of classic arctic activities and experiences such as dogsledding, arctic animals, snowshoeing under the arctic light, sleeping in an arctic dome and not to forget the arctic cuisine. 

What classic arctic experience do you want to do?
Classic arctic experiences offers 
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