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Climb Stetind with a local certified Mountain Guide

Opp+Ned Fjellføring offers guided climbing tours with a certified Mountain Guide (IFMGA-UIAGM-IVBV) to the summit of Norway`s national mountain, Stetind.

Opp+Ned offers guided tours with a certified Mountain Guide (IFMGA-UIAGM-IVBV)
to the summit of Norway`s national mountain, Stetind. Stetind is an almost 1400 meter high granite monolith towering above Stefjorden in the municipality of Narvik. The mountain is an impressing sight in itself, but the view from the summit is an experience for life! The season starts in June and lasts through September. We offer a 15% discount on bookings for weekdays!

Stetind has been named Norways national mountain, a title many will deem as fitting when gazing up the steep and smooth mountain sides, polished by the glaciers that once covered the landscape, that runs all the way from the fjord up to the summit 1392 meters above the sea. To reach the summit of Stetind, you will have to use ropes and climbing gear and Stetind has attracted generations of climbers from near and afar, but the summit was first climbed in 1910 by a party of four norwegian climbers that reached the summit via the east ridge. It is this route, aptly named the ”normal route”, that is the easiest and most common to use today.

To reach the east ridge and climb to the actual summit of Stetind, you first have to hike to the east summit, also known as Halls summit and named after the danish climber and one of Stetinds earliest suitors, Carl Hall(who never actually reached the summit proper himself). The east summit is located at 1314 meters elevation and the hike to get there goes through a valley named Storelvdalen on the southside of the mountain and starts from the carpark right by the shoreline . From the east summit, you follow the ridge towards the summit, which inolves mostly easy, but airy, scrambling and one marked crux about half way along the ridge where you will have to climb over a steep slab on the south side of the ridge. Once this has been passed, one continues on scrambling along the ridge to the summit. Once you reach the summit, you´ll be able to relax and enjoy a celebratory dance, as the summit plateau is large and almost completely flat. The descent follows the same route.

Included in the price: The guide and all his expenses and all necessary climbing equipment.

Requirements: The climb to the summit of Stetind is not tecnically difficult, but it involves over 10 km of hiking and climbing in length and 1400 meters of elevation through sometimes rough and steep terrain. This requires that one are in good physical condition and has experience from hiking in the mountains. It is not necessary with any prior climbing experience, but it is a recomended that you fell comfortable in steep and airy terrain.

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Prices from : 5800 NOK Per tour

- 5800NOK for 1 guest 8250NOK for 2 guests 15% discount on weekday (mon-thursday)

Activity duration: Hours : 9-12h

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