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Climbing on the west ridge of Rombakstøtta

Rombakstøtta is the signature mountain of Narvik and with its distinct profile, it is an eye catching mountain visible from the centre of Narvik city and sometimes nicknamed the Matterhorn of Narvik.

Tøtte is local slang for girl and Rombak comes from the fjord that the summit towers a total of 1231 meters above. The top of the mountain is a true summit with an airy feel and offers a spectacular 360 degree view to the town of Narvik and the rest of Ofotfjorden and the surrounding mountains and straight down into the fjord along the steep north wall of Rombakstøtta.

The start of the trip to the summit of Rombakstøtta goes from the parking at the citys watersupply, where the trailhead is located at about 200 meters elevation. The approach follows along easy walking trails in the Tøttadalen (the Tøtta valley). At about 900 meter elevation, you break off from the normal route an heads toward the west ridge. The climb along the ridge involves about 200 meters of climbing and scrambling with ropes and climbing gear and is a more challenging, but also a more spectacular route to the summit of Rombakstøtta. The descent follows the normalroute back to the parking.

Season: From the middle of June to the middle of september

Duration: 8-10 timer.

Price: 4000NOK- for 1 person. 5500NOK for 2 people.

Included in the price: The guide and all his expenses and all necessary climbing equipment.

The climbing along the west ridge of Rombakstøtta ivolves ropes and climbing gir, but it is not tecnically difficult and you do not have to be an experienced climber to be able to make it to the summit. The approach and descent for the most part goe along well established trails, but it involves over 15 km of hiking and over 1000 meters of elevation. This requires that one are in good physical condition and has experience from hiking in the mountains. It is not necessary with any prior mountain climbing experience, but it is a recomended that you fell comfortable in steep and airy terrain.

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Prices from : 4000 NOK per tour

- 4000NOK for 1 person 5500NOK for 2 people

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