Dagfinn Lyngbø  Kjøreregler i forbindelse med koloniseringen av Mars

Dagfinn Lyngbø Driving rules in connection with the colonization of Mars

på Narvik Kulturhus
Norway's most critically acclaimed and best-selling comedian, Dagfinn Lyngbø, is finally back with a pure stand-up performance!

We are going to Mars and this is not something Dagfinn Lyngbø has invented. NASA says so.
And it's not too long either. And it can be stressful.

But why?
Have we used up the planet? Are the robots taking over?
This is important to talk about. Who shall we send first? What language will we speak there? Do we include homeopaths? Should we drive on the right or on the left? Or in the middle, like in Thailand?
Is there a football cup this weekend? Is there a group seminar at the same time? Should we populate another planet? And is the mother-in-law coming to visit?

At a time when everything is pressed for time, it is important to plan.
It is high time to review some general "Driving rules in connection with the colonization of Mars".

Dagfinn Lyngbø has had great success with the performances "Ka e' vitsen?" (2005), "Evolusjon" (2008), "Stereo" (2012) and "Supersmud" (2017), which together have sold approx. 500,000 tickets and has received no less than eight Comedy Awards, which underlines his position as the country's most popular comedian.

“Spastic antics! Dagfinn Lyngbø has the audience in the palm of his hand"

"Laugh so it misted from the handkerchiefs! What Lyngbø does on stage is in a galaxy of its own."

Look forward to a party night that will reach new heights - by the very best, DAGFINN LYNGBØ!

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  • 21 April 19:00

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