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deLillos was formed in Oslo in 1984. The group is considered one of the most significant in Norwegian music life from the 1980s until today. Together with Raga Rockers, DumDum Boys and Jokke & Valentinerne, the deLillos are referred to as one of the four great Norwegian rock groups.

The band has won the Spellemann Prize twice: for Next Summer they won the Spellemann Prize 1993 in the rock category and for Late and Early they won the Spellemann Prize 1995 in the group category. The band also received the Gammleng prize in the pop category in 1994. The band has also been nominated for the Spellemann prize in the rock category four times: in 1987 for Before it was funny with snow, in 1989 for The heart is alone, in 1997 for Stakkars and in 2000 for Throw away all the papers, as well as in the Pop group class in 2010 for Hjernen er alone i Operaen. In addition, they have been nominated for Player of the Year in 1994, song of the year for "Smak av honning" in 1995 and the Norwegian hit of all time for "Neste sommer" in 2001.

Lars Lillo-Stenberg participated in Hver gang vi metøs in 2014. In the same autumn, the deLillos released the album "Rett og slett lievet" to rave reviews. The album was in 1st place on iTunes and the VG album list after its release.

In 2015, deLillos celebrated their 30th anniversary as a recording artist, with concerts all over the country and ended with a 10-day concert in Oslo, where they just as well performed all of their 240 released songs live. Since the summer of 2016, the band has released the albums "Peiling på seiling", "Let oss ble fri for all nostalgia" and "Sveve over byen med Kringkastingsorkesteret", 4 singles on digital platforms collected on 2 vinyl singles "Se på et tre" and "Yoko" and the album "Dum som et menenske" which have all received good reviews.

deLillo's latest album "Evige dager" released in January 2022 has garnered rave reviews:

VG: deLillo's most vital record in years.

Dagbladet: deLillos surpasses himself.

Music news: Solid veterans with two powerful songs that are 18 tracks.

Dagsavisen: Towards new horizons. After 35 years, deLillo is ready to come up with something new.

NTB: Brilliant new album from deLillos

iTromsø: A band you can never turn your back on.

In October 2022, deLillos released the single "Now I'm inspired by Veronica Maggio" after performing at Haikjeften in Narvik.

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