The Detective - a crime musical Riksteatret

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Welcome to a plunge back to Friday nights in the eighties, when riveting murder cases brought the nuclear family together for long-pan pizza in front of the television set.

Riksteatret, Nationaltheatret and Nye Hjorten Teater invite you to a musical evening of murder and mysteries. The action takes place in international waters on M/S Kronprins Harald, otherwise known as Kielferga. Retired German investigator Stephan Reckyll has settled in with a one-armed bandit in the ship's casino when the captain asks him to assist in solving a rather delicate case: Poison murder.

The victim is none other than Nora der Liebe, the big draw in the fabled nightclub Unter den Wellen. During the preparations for the evening's new, spectacular song number, she passed away. Poisoned. Stephan Reckyll, who had promised himself to put the gun on the shelf for good, is unable to control the snuff tap inside him. Once again he is faced with a seemingly unsolvable puzzle, and once again he must learn to see all other roads than where the compass needle points.

Freely inspired by Derrick, Columbo, Poirot, Bergerac, Kojak, Miami Vice and all the other fabulous detectives - it can't be anything but murderous fun. If you follow closely and guess correctly, you may be the one to reveal the killer!

On the stage
Øystein Røger, Nora Frølich, Emil Olafsson, Marit Adeleide Andreassen, Silje Lundblad, Patrick Hilmar Ingvaldsen, Daniel Mauricio, Olve Løseth and Kyrre Havdal

Director: Mads Bones. Set designer: Katja Ebbel. Lighting designer: Clement Irbil. Costume Designer: Christina Lovery. Choreographer: Martha Standal. Dramaturg: Siri Løkholm Ramberg. Producer: Anita Basmo Bjørnstad

by Mads Bones, Kyrre Havdal and Olve Løseth

Based on an idea by Øystein Røger

Performance length: 2 hours 20 minutes (including intermission).

Premiere: Oslo / Nydalen 24 Aug 2023

Tour premiere: Namsos 30 Aug 2023

Produced by Riksteatret in collaboration with Nye Hjorten Teater and Nationaltheatret


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