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Dogsledding -exclusive private tours

Drive your own dog team on a exlusive private tour in beautiful Skjomen, one of Norway's most beautiful fjords.

You decide yourself whether you want to experience dogsledding during the day, with a view to the steep mountains and deep fjords, or during night under the Arctic light. Maybe the Northern Lights will appear! During the trip we will stop and make a bonfire, where we offer a local traditional Norwegian snack and hot drinks. If you are lucky and find the magic Chaga on the ride we make tea of it on the bonfire.
We drive the dogsledding trough a varied landscape in Skjomen valley, in the forest, over the river, and up into the mountains. You will learn how to drive the sled, and get to know our fantastic dogs befor the trips starts! In Skjomen there is plenty of wild animals, and we often see fresh tracks of moose, wolverine, lynx and grouse, and it is not unusual to see them!

The price includes transport from Narvik to Skjomen, and back.

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Product information

Prices from : 2800 NOK

- Adults: 2800NOK Childre under 12 years: 800 NOK

Activity duration: Hours : 5h

Product attributes

  • Non bookable
  • Arctic living
  • Outdoor activity