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Dog sledding in SKjomen

Into the wilderness

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Dog Sledding

Breathtaking surroundings

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Dog Sledding

Feel the silence

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Husky Love

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Dog Sledding


             Dog sledding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one of the best ways to get close to the facinating arctic nature.
The cold and the snow together with the majestetic mountains that surrounds you gives you the best backdrop for this experience,
and not to mention the close encounter you get with animal and nature!  


Get close to wildlife

Dog sledding is the perfect way to experience arctic wilderness! For generations, Huskies have been side by side humans and were indispensable for an arctic environment. They are born to pull heavy loads over long distances and live in the wilderness, and they love to run! Behind a pack of happy husky tails, you enter deep into the mountains, with only the sound of drooping paws against the snow. This quiet way of traveling allows you to get close to wildlife and far away from civilization in a very short time.

Close bond

The dogs are positioned based on the personal characteristics of the huskies, the smart leading dogs in the front and the strongest dogs in the back. The lead dogs are controlled with voice commands about where to go and the rest of the team follows. The guides know the dogs inside and out and have a very close bond with them, they are the best colleagues in the world!

Alaska and Siberian huskies

There are various breeds of draft dogs, but the most common ones are the highly versatile Alaska Husky, a breed of breed bred to pull and run fast. Siberian husky is the more traditional and slightly more robust breed, which does not run as fast but draws much heavier loads. The thick coat makes them sleep without freezing in the snow, and you often can see them digging down if the weather gets too bad. They are bred to rest when they can, eat everything they can get hold of and give it all when they are placed in front of the sled!

Dog sledding is for everyone

Dog sledding is suitable for everyone, and there are many ways to do it. Large seating seats take passengers with a guide behind, so you can sit and enjoy without having to drive yourself. Smaller sleds can be run by yourself with a friend who travels on hour-long trips, or you can participate in multi-day trips with a hiking trail full of food, tents and equipment, and help your own team reach today's goals.

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