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Entitled - Solo dance performance by and with Stian Danielsen.

The performance "Entitled" is a multilayered and sensual play with the incomprehensible, where body and vocals are woven together in vibrations, from micro-movements to large vibrations. This is a work that, by codifying the body's forms and expressions, makes both space and gender ambiguous before it dissolves into a bodily recognition of being human first and foremost.

Our identity is linked, among other things, to our cultural heritage, race, sexual preferences and gender roles, age and social class. Early socialization and an endless pressure of expectations also help shape our identity. Some aspects of this have been constructed for us, other aspects we construct ourselves. Yet, all too often, expressions of individual identity are suppressed, misunderstood, or interpreted as deviant behavior.

With his solo performance, "Entitled", choreographer Stian Danielsen invites us into a dark cave where his body exposes his own diversity as a humanitarian expression of exclusion and exclusion.

The show is co-produced by Bærum Kulturhus - Regional Center for Dance, supported by: Norwegian Cultural Council | FFUK | Sound and Image Fund.

Choreography: Stian Danielsen
Dancer: Stian Danielsen
Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp
Lighting design: Martin Myrvold
Costume Designer: Line S. Maher
Composer and sound designer: Morten Pettersen
Sound designer: Terje Wessel Øverland
Creative Producer: Lene Bang Org.
Admin: Kirre Arneberg
Photos and film: Yaniv Cohen

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  • 26 February 19:00

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