Exhibition opening "Er det lov" - National Law Anniversary

Narvik Museum has made the new exhibition "Er det lov?" about the National Law, king Magnus Lawmender and the middle ages, and invites to exhibition opening on Wednesday, 29th of may, 5 PM.

Exhibition opening “er det lov?” – National Law Anniversary

This year we celebrate the 750th anniversary of Magnus Lagabøte’s National Law. Together with a professor and historian from Nord University and UiT The Arctic University of Norway, we have worked on developing an exhibition!

In 1274, King Magnus VI Håkonsson gathered the entire Norwegian kingdom under one law. The drafting of the national law is considered a groundbreaking political and legal work. After Magnus died, he was nicknamed Lagabøte – the law improver.

Narvik Museum has created the brand new exhibition “Er det lov?” about the National Law, King Magnus Lagabøte and about the Middle Ages!

Narvik Museum has the pleasure of inviting you to the exhibition opening on Wednesday 29th of May at 17:00!

Ensemble Oscar sets the mood before the ribbon is cut.


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  • 29 May 17:00