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Experience the Ofotbanen Railway and the Navvy Road

Experience the Ofotbanen Railway, Katterat Station, the Navvy Road Rallarveien and the idyllic Rombaksbotn on an amazing Journey through history, nature and culture.

You can choose to begin your excursion at 10.00 or 12.00. The difference is that you get more time to walk the beautiful Navvy Road Rallarveien, before you are picked up by RIB boats in Rombaksbotn.

It is now time to go on board the train, a 30 minute long journey along the steep mountain side, with a spectacular view over the beautiful Rombaksfjord. Prepare your camera for amazing motives from the train window.

We disembark the train at Katterat Station, a station with a rich history in beautiful environment, where you only can arrive by foot or by train.
The tour continues along Rallarveien - The Navvy Road, great nature experiences are waiting for you while walking in the footsteps of the navvy.
The Navvy Road is the old construction road used by the navvies while building the Ofotebanen Railway before the 1900 century. The vegetation is lush, and the waterfalls along the road are spectacular. The Navvy Road ends in beautiful Rombaksbotn, where the navvies once lived. All the houses are gone now, but the whisper from ancient history is still present. And the wild scenery, with 1500 meters high mountains rising straight up from the bay makes a perfect background to the fascinating area.

And if this is not enough, it is now time to experience Rombaksbotn from the seaside. RIB boats will pick you up and transport you to Narvik, while you can view your journey from an opposite angle on your way back.

This tour is suitable for both young and old, as a family excursion or a recreational excursion.

All times are estimated, weather conditions, number of boat passengers and other unforeseen circumstances must be taken in to consideration.

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