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Fjellkysten gjestehus

We welcome everyone to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at Fjellkysten. Fjellkysten is designed with inspiration from old Nordic architecture like the Vikings Langhus and the Sami Gamme. This is the place to let go of everyday stress and free your mind whilst also taking in the beautiful nature and picturesque surroundings.

To stay at Fjellkysten can be a special experience. Fjellkysten is built with inspiration from the old norwegian architecture. The house is halfway buried like a hut which also features a traditional Norwegian grass roof. You will not hear rain on the roof or wind against the outside walls.

Most rooms have views over the bay, and in the winter this view is a great opportunity to see Aurora Borealis (the northern lighting). When the night sky is filled with shimmery light, it surely is a wonderful sight.

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