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Frida Ånnevik - Vinterfestuka 2020

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Frida Ånnevik from Ridabu outside of Hamar has established herself as an important Norwegian voice in our music landscape. With four releases behind her, Frida has earned praise and good criticism, and not to mention three spellman awards.

She is now up to date with the album "Other songs", a record project that has been going on for several years. It's a cover album with songs from a wide range of artists and songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Spice Girls, and Janis Ian. "There are songs I have sneaked into as extras in my concerts, there are songs from my role models, comfort songs for me and songs that I have wondered what would sound like in Norwegian. Then I wanted to record them. "

Along with her she has Haldor Røyne and Andreas Stensland Løwe. Frida, Haldor and Andreas will give you goosebumps with new, reworked songs, and with lovely versions of songs from previous releases.

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  • 19 March 21:00

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