Frode Alnæs & Jubileumsbandet opptrer Vinterfestuka 2023

Frode Alnæs & Jubileum's band will perform at Vinterfestuka 2023

In 2022, Frode Alnæs will celebrate his 40th anniversary as a professional musician and composer. On this occasion, he has put together an exclusive anniversary band with a bunch of hand-picked top musicians. Now this cream layer is coming to Vinterfestuka in Narvik.

Frode Alnæs is known for having a unique ability to communicate with the public. It's never boring when Frode is on stage. He is outgoing and always offers musical surprises and a good mood.

His musical roots in both jazz and pop make him an exciting and improvising musician. The audience will be treated to music that has meant a lot to Frode over the years. Primarily from his own repertoire, including from his instrumental album "Kanestrøm", but there will also be samples from other projects.

Frode belonged to the very first generation that entered the legendary jazz line in Trondheim. When he graduated in 1982, he was quickly picked up as a unique talent by established musicians in Oslo. Since then, he has made a good living from music, and his life has been a creative wheel of musically important projects.

Frode Alnæs has the unique ability to always add something new to a song. He is known for never playing the same song or guitar solo twice. He always adds something new and exciting to his guitar playing and musical expression.

- As a guitarist, I'm probably more of a jazz musician than a pop or rock guitarist. There's something about the freedom and having my own thing where I can go to work and play what I want. My strongest point is probably the combination of listening, musicality and improvisation, and I fit in pretty much anywhere where I can use my understanding of music, says the 40-year-old.

Frode Alnæs – guitars & vocals, Jørn Øien – keyboards, Audun Erlien – bass, Rune Arnesen – drums

SEATED CONCERT. The doors open 30 minutes before the event starts.

We adhere to the currently applicable infection control regulations. This means that there may be limitations on how many people we can have in the audience. If more tickets have been sold than are allowed, priority will be given to those who have bought tickets first. Depending on which rules apply, there may be an order to use a mask or that the seats are placed at a distance.
If the event is canceled or there are restrictions, the tickets will be refunded.

The organizer reserves the right to postpone or change the time for winding down the event in the event of unforeseen events that cannot be prevented, e.g. fire, outbreak of war, natural disaster, strike, public law orders etc. The organizer also reserves the right to change the set content for the cancellation of the event, such as changing the artist, player, etc.

Tickets can be purchased via the Vinterfestuka website

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