Geopolitics, scarce resources and energy shortages

på Narvik Library
How and why has the world become like this, and what consequences does it have in the north and locally?
Welcome to an open thematic lecture about the troubled world around us, with history, explanations and perhaps some pointers about what challenges and opportunities await us.

Narvik's strategic position as a receiving area for allies, the North Norwegian position as an energy extractor and our new NATO members form the framing.
Lecture and conversation with Ola Kaldager, former head of the intelligence group E14 and Bård Ludvig Thorheim, Storting politician (H), member of the Energy and Environment Committee and former intelligence officer.

Moderator: Kjetil Moe
Thursday 28 September at 1730 - 1900 at Narvik library.
The event is free and open to the public.


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  • 28 September 17:30