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Gïedtine - who owns the wind? Nordland Theater

på Narvik Kulturhus
Gïedtine - who owns the wind? is a wonderful, painful, fun and romantic ensemble production with theatrical and colorful storytelling.

Our story starts in the shadow of such an expansion. We are quickly moving back in time, to a place where warmth and consideration are luxury goods, and truth can be bought and sold on the market.
It is a story of hope and love in a world of arrogance and greed.
But above all, it's about justice.
Who really owns the wind?

Contact information

  • Narvik Kulturhus
  • +47 76 96 53 90
  • https://www.narvikkulturhus.no/program/nordland-teater-giedtine-hvem-eier-vinden/
  • [email protected]


  • 03 October 19:00

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  • Bookable
  • Culture and history