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Hålogaland Teater - Blå åker

på Narvik Kulturhus
A thriller starring the ocean

Who really owns the fish in the ocean, and who really decides how to live our lives? Who should be hung when the fish disappear? Blue Field is back with three performances in Tromsø before we go on tour.

"Blå åker" is a political thriller about robbery in plain sight, and high-level political games. Both local heroes and the big guy himself - Røkke - get a glimpse when we look at the deep sea and Norwegian fisheries policy.

"Blå Åker is a playful and very educational introduction to Norwegian fisheries policy, based on a clear political stance. Now just let the debate go." - Nordlys

By Ragnar Olsen

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  • +47 76965390
  • https://www.narvikkulturhus.no/program/halogaland-teater-bla-aker/
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  • 03 February 19:00

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  • Culture and history