Henning Kvitnes Trio opptrer Vinterfestuka 2023

Henning Kvitnes Trio will perform at Winterfest 2023

Finally, the audience favorite Henning Kvitnes Trio returns to Vinterfestuka!

For over 40 years, the popular artist has given us down-to-earth vise rock with Norwegian lyrics.
His music is described as poetic, melodious, rock, personal and humorous.

The vice-rocker from Halden made his debut in 1978 as frontman in The Ice Cream Band, later known as The Young Lords. In 1980 he made his record debut with "Same Shit - New Wrapping" and has released 26 albums since. 17 of the albums have entered the VG list: two in first place and three in second place. Kvitnes has had success with songs such as "Evig eies (only a bad reputation)", "Sånne som oss", "Games People Play" and the Norsktopp winner "Na, na, na ... i himmelen inn".

Kvitnes has moved in a musical landscape that ranges from new-wave music in the bands Young Lords and Saturday Cowboys to Americana music and vice pop in his solo career. He has appeared on a number of records with artists such as Åge Aleksandersen, Forente Artister, Falne Engler and Jonas Fjeld. In 2008, Kvitnes joined the band Song Island Revue together with, among others, Claudia Scott, Danish Poul Krebs and American Kevin Welch. The album "Time for laziness" was released in 2009 and included the radio hit "Ut å vekke sola". Jonas Fjeld, Aslag Haugen and Hilde Heltberg are on this song.

In 2012, he released the solo album "Ingen tid å miste" which was nominated for the Spellemannpris in the show class. Kvitnes' last album, "Jada, vi elsker", was released in 2014 and he announced at the same time that this was his last release as a recording artist. The veteran has been awarded the Gammeleng prize in 2004 in the pop category, Spellemannspris in 2007 in the category shows for the album "Voices in the grass", as well as the Norwegian Artist Association's honorary award.

It will be an evening for closeness, reflection, togetherness and musical joy when Kvitnes picks out both new and old songs together with Håvard Bendiksen (guitar) and Jon-Willy Rydningen (Keys) during his concert at Vinterfestuka.

SEATED CONCERT. The doors open 30 minutes before the event starts.

We adhere to the currently applicable infection control regulations. This means that there may be limitations on how many people we can have in the audience. If more tickets have been sold than are allowed, priority will be given to those who have bought tickets first. Depending on which rules apply, there may be an order to use a mask or that the seats are placed at a distance.
If the event is canceled or there are restrictions, the tickets will be refunded.

The organizer reserves the right to postpone or change the time for winding down the event in the event of unforeseen events that cannot be prevented, e.g. fire, outbreak of war, natural disaster, strike, public law orders etc. The organizer also reserves the right to change the set content for the cancellation of the event, such as changing the artist, player, etc.

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