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Hilsen Terje Nilsen - Vinterfestuka 2020

på Narvik Kulturhus
Terje Nilsen is one of Northern Norway's most recognized musicians and songwriters, known for songs such as "Mjelle" and "Blå Ballade". His departure in March 2019 gave Torgeir Steinsland and Sindre Myrbostad the idea of gathering a bunch of Sortland based musicians to pay tribute to his music.

The songs range from melancholic love songs and racy songs to children's songs for both children and adults. This project was produced for the Sortland Jazz Festival and the new versions of Nilsen's songs were presented to the Sortland audience during the festival in September 2019. It was a great success, with sold-out concert, extra set and brilliant feedback from a very enthusiastic audience.

Starring: Torgeir Steinsland, vocals; Sigrun Tara Overland, vocals and auto harp; Rune Nielsen, guitar; Rasmus Johansen, bass; Håkon Kristiansen, drums; Lisa Holstad, vocals and cello; Sindre Myrbostad, vocals and piano.

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  • 21 March 19:00

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