Historic e-biking in Narvik

Narvik has a unique history with the resurgence of a town in Ofoten at the end of the 19th century. The construction of the railway, Ofotbanen is the origin of the modern urban community that established and developed near a natural harbour. On the seat of an electric mountain bike, we take you into the story that played out in and around Narvik. We are particularly focused on the acts of war that unfolded during World War II.

Narvik received dramatic attention during World War II. Nazi Germany chose to invade the city in the early war years, to control the railway and the shipment of iron ore from the mines in Sweden. The film "The Battle of Narvik" is released during the year. Footage will be made in and around the city, and the scenes will be shown in cinemas during 2021. On the e-bike tours we come into close contact with the scenes shown on the film.

Tøttadalen (Tuesdays)

On this trip goes on the road and demanding terrain. We cycle to Tøttadalen, and stop where war-historical events played out. There are wonderful views of the city and the fjord along the entire route. Our guide takes you on an exciting and educational tour of the Ofotbanen, the urban development and not least the ravages of war. 

Narvik town (Thursdays)

We cycle through Narvik and stop where war-historical events played out. 

Our guide takes you on an exciting and educational tour of the Ofotbanen, the urban development and not least the ravages of war.  

In addition, we play with the e-bikes, and have fun with friends and family. This trip goes in urban surroundings on the road and trail. 

Suitable for groups of friends or family with older children. (14 years old) 

The museum adheres to current infection control rules at all times.

This is what you get:

• An amazing day together with other peoples.

• TREK electrical bicycle of high-quality with helmet.

• An introduction to the diverse local history.

• An experienced guide that gives you a safe and memorable trip.

Season: Spring


Tøttadalen Tuesdays 12:00 - 15:00

Narvik town Thursdays 17:00 - 20:00

Price: 400NOK Per person

Meeting place: Narvik Museum, Administrasjonsveien 31 10 minutes before departure

Included in the price: Loan of electric bike, helmet and guide

Recommendations: Clothes according to weather, small backpack, drinks and meal according to your own needs

Number of participants (min / Max): 2-5

Book within: 16:00 the day before

Price from 200 NOK
/Per person

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