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Kevin Kildal - Skamlaus

på Narvik Kulturhus
After a great success with his previous show "Drittliv" and the podcast "Klagemuren", Kevin Kildal is finally back with another amazing stand up show.

He has now put personal tragedies behind him, the alter ego "Arnt Finesse" is gone, and Kevin has grown up, gotten responsibilities and changed his lifestyle.
He has gone from being a carefree boy with bad finances and bad breath, to being a man with lots of worries, bad finances and bad breath.
Still happy yet dark, still honest - yet shameless!

Price from 300 NOK

Contact information

  • +47 76965390
  • https://www.narvikkulturhus.no/program/kevin-kildal-skamlaus/
  • [email protected]


  • 27 March 19:00

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