Kidza på Krigsmuseet
Kidza på Krigsmuseet
Kidza på Krigsmuseet
Kidza på Krigsmuseet
Kidza på Krigsmuseet
Kidza på Krigsmuseet
Kidza på Krigsmuseet

The Kids at Narvik War Museum

Narvik War Museum invites you to 2 hours full of learning through taste, activities, and artifacts, creating an understanding of why Narvik becomes so important during the Second World War. The kids will also gain a feeling of how it was being a child during the war.

“To build peace, we must understand war”.

Welcome to a densely packed and exciting experience where kids and adults are guided through unique artifacts in the exhibitions, get to try old-fashioned games and flavours from wartime recipes. The kids learn the broad lines of the Second World War, and how the iron ore pulls the small city of Narvik into the war. Through spellbinding personal stories, the kids will gain insight in how life was during the strict occupation and the Nazis gruesome mindset towards the value of a human life. We round up with a conversation of how we can use our knowledge of war to create peace in the world.

Duration: 2 hours

Level of difficulty: easy

Recommended age: 8 - 12 years

Time: Wednesdays and Fridays from June 26 - August 9 2024

Time: 1pm - 3pm. Meeting point Narvik Warmuseum at 12:45pm

Price: Children NOK 360 / adults NOK 450 / family: 2 adults + 3 children NOK 1700

The tour is guided in Norwegian and must be booked at the latest 1,5 hour before start. Participants shall be escorted by an adult.

Price from 360 NOK
/Per person

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  • 26 June 13:00
  • 28 June 13:00
  • 03 July 13:00
  • 05 July 13:00
  • 10 July 13:00
  • 12 July 13:00
  • 17 July 13:00
  • 19 July 13:00

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Prices from : 360 NOK Per person Activity duration: Hours : 2h

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  • Online Booking
  • Family Friendly
  • Culture and history