Kraft Climbing Gym

If you love steep challenges, the Kraft fitness center can give you a lot of joy and excitement.

The climbing hall has over 500 square meters of climbing surface and has a 13.5 meter high wall that offers climbing for all levels. The boulder room is 3.5 meters high, with climbing on four walls and in the ceiling in addition to a Moonboard light wall system.

Climbing hall
Number of routes: Approx. 66 routes screwed in different color combinations.
Difficulty level is written under each route.

Height: 13.5 meters. Degree of overhang varies from vertical to 6.5 meters.

We have many beginner and children's routes screwed, but also some more difficult ones.

Wall area: approx. 550 m² in combination of plywood and 3D supplied by Top 30.

The boulder room

Characteristics: Separate room next door to the climbing hall with bouldering on all four walls and in the ceiling.

Height: 3.5 meters

Overhang: ½ vertical wall, main weight from 1 to 2.7 meters overhang.

Wall area: approx. 80 m² in combination with plywood supplied by Top 30.

The wall varies between vertical and overhanging with routes from very easy to very difficult. Climbing routes are changed regularly during the season, which should provide new challenges for both new and experienced climbers.

Everyone who is to secure in the climbing wall must have a license and follow the knowledge and skills requirements for these. Necessary equipment for climbing is harness, shoes, ropes and safety brake. Use your own equipment or rent what you need from us.

Access to the climbing facility

To access our climbing hall, you must either have an active membership with kraft or buy a drop-in. (All memberships give access to climbing)

Both can be purchased online and provide access via password.

Self-declaration must be signed before use of our climbing facility.

Price from 175 NOK
/Per person

Product information

Prices from : 175 NOK Per person

- From 175NOK per person

Product attributes

  • Family Friendly