Media Thule (copy)

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The location of this artwork represents a zone between the buildings on one side, and the surrounding scenery on the other side.

The artwork itself is representing a scene where future sculpture parks are waiting to emerge at the hand of the artist.

Artist: Bård Breivik, born in 1948 in Norway

Title: "No Title" 1993

Portal: 380 cm
Column: 550 cm

Location: In Narvik

Artscape in Nordland county
The idea behind the project is that the artworks are not just placed randomly somewhere, but they are the place itself. The art in the collection represents the full width in sculpture art, from the early 60's up until now.
The artwork representing Kulturlandskap i Nordland (Artscape in Nordland county) is created based upon the idea of the American sculptor Robert Smithson.

His vision - "site-specific sculpture" - with focus on the physical significance of the place, led to a new understanding of sculpture art, as he meant that you cannot fully understant the work of art without being in its context.

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