Musikk bingo

Music bingo

First opening day of the semester and music bingo! Can it get any better?

You buy a bingo board from us at the door, we play the music and tell you along the way which song is being played (as this is not a quiz, but bingo you don't have to guess which song is being played). You tick off your board if you have the songs being played and shout bingo when you achieve 1 STRAIGHT row fully ticked, 3 STRAIGHT rows fully ticked and finally you must shout bingo when the whole board is filled. If 2 or more people get bingo on the same song, the prize must be shared, as long as everyone with bingo shouts/says before changing songs.
All the money paid for the boards is pooled and used for prizes.
So bring your good mood and show up at Teknikern on Wednesday 17 August at 8:00 p.m., doors open at 7:00 p.m.! It may be a good idea to arrive early to secure the best seats