Narvik Games 2023

Narvik Sports Club invites young and old to the Narvik Games 2023.

Done via iSone | Narvik Games 2023 https://isonen.no/event/cl8a1xlbc6548014njxqhm8we5/
and must be registered by June 5.
Enrollment after the deadline can be accepted by agreement with the organiser, but only in exercises that do not entail changes to the timetable.
The event is part of the circuit cup for Troms Friidrettskrets and applies to all exercises for 13-19 year olds as well as seniors.

Contact person
Meeting leader: Kari Ann Nygård, Mobile 916 70 935, e-mail: [email protected]

Exercise selection can be found here; http://www.narvikil.no/blogg/?page_id=850


Contact information

  • Narvik Idrettslag

Product attributes

  • Local Living
  • Family Friendly
  • Outdoor activity
  • Group Activity