Narvik War Museum 60 years: The seminar "History told through human destinies"

On the occasion of the Narvik War Museum's 60th anniversary on 28 May 2024, the Narvik Center Foundation invites you to a mini-seminar with a focus on personal stories.

The foundation's own researchers and employees will share gripping stories about human destinies from the Second World War as well as ongoing research in peace work.

The seminar consists of short consecutive lectures and will take place in the Ragnhild Olstad hall on 4. Hjørne (auditorium) with entrance from the library. It is open and free to everyone and does not require registration. Coffee is served during the break. Punktum cafe sells lunch.

The program for the seminar looks like this:
10:00-10:10 Introduction by senior researcher Stian Bones
10:10-10:40 "War museum through 60 years told with anecdotes and stories" by museum manager Ulf Eirik Torgersen
10:40-11:00 "Žarko Vidović, a prisoner's story" by fellow Michael Stokke
11:05-11:25 "A soldier's story" from Soldater.no by project leader and researcher Gunnar Hatlehol
11:30-12:00 Coffee and birthday cake
12:00-12:20 "From the communicative to the cultural memory: Carl Arp in the newspapers" by conservator Elena Badanina
12:25-12:45 "Pragmatic neutrality" by researcher Gaute Rønnebu
12:50-13:10 "Historical memory as a foundation for peace-building learning: A study of the peace and human rights centres" by fellow Joakim Arnøy
13:15-14:00 Panel discussion and summary

Open to all - no registration required.
We welcome you to an educational seminar with a focus on people and events from history!

For the complete program for the anniversary, see krigsmuseet.no or poster in the library.


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  • 28 May 10:00

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