Narvikfjellet Afterski Påskeaften 2023 // DJ KOSMO

Narvikfjellet Afterski Easter Eve 2023 // DJ KOSMO

The day of all days! Easter Eve itself! Is it Norway's roughest afterski? We think so!
Fireplace lounge in Fjellheisrestauranten. 656 meter's over the sea

After-ski is a popular activity that combines skiing or snowboarding with socializing and entertainment. It takes place from 16:00. And is perfect after a long day of skiing on the slopes.

For music, DJ KOSMO will manage the record, and create a super atmosphere.

Narvikfjellet is a popular ski resort in Norway that offers great afterski activities and entertainment, with a bar and restaurant. With great slopes, facilities and nightlife, Narvikfjellet is a great destination for a skiing holiday with friends or family.


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  • 08 April 16:00

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  • Local Living
  • Arctic living
  • Outdoor activity
  • Group Activity