Riksteatret Ved målet

National Theater - The Goal

By the goal is a strong story about a daughter who lives with her mother. The mother is unable to let go of the daughter, and the adult girl does not recover. Every year, on the same day, they travel to the old house by the sea. This has been the case for as long as they can remember. Just the two of them. Alone together. When a young writer comes to visit, the pattern cracks.

-It was impossible to say no to playing mum in this award-winning play, says Anne Krigsvoll. Thomas Bernhard is both ruthless and funny, and I experience that he shows us something deeply human. Together with Josefine Frida, who many know as Nora i Skam, and Karl-Vidar Lende from Det Norske Teatret, she gets on the Riksteatret's tour bus with a play audiences from several generations can recognize themselves in.

Directed by Johannes Holmen Dahl. He is behind a number of critically acclaimed theater productions with wide appeal to audiences of all ages - such as "Time for Joy" at the Norwegian Theater and "Hamlet" at the National Theater. We look forward to his interpretation of Thomas Bernhard's "At the Goal".

On stage
Anne Krigsvoll, Josefine Frida and Karl-Vidar Lende

Director: Johannes Holmen Dahl, Set Designer, Costume Designer: Nia Damerell, Lighting Designer: Norunn Standal, Playwright: Hege Randi Tørressen, Sound Designer, Composer: Erik Hedin, Sound Designer: Kolbjørn Lyslo and Producer: Anita Basmo Bjørnstad

By Thomas Bernhard. Translated by Sverre Dahl

Publisher: Teaterforlaget Colombine

Performance length: 1 hour 20 minutes (no break).

Premiere: Oslo / Nydalen 15 Sep 2022

Tour premiere: Molde 21 Sep 2022

Produced by Riksteatret



  • 09 November 19:00

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