The Nordic Floyd Show

The Nordic Floyd Show

på Narvik Kulturhus
The Nordic Floyd Show therefore takes an intense approach to this timeless classic, and serves the album from A to Z in a magnificent and gripping multimedia show, with a brilliant rawness and magical nerve that will take your breath away!

Pink Floyd's album from 1973 is one of the world's best-selling albums of all time, spent more than 950 weeks on the Billboard 200 - and was named the best album of all time.

"The Dark Side Of The Moon" is the innovative masterpiece that became public domain, with its completely original soundscape. 10 compositions woven together into a whole, with both psychedelic, creative sound effects and synths - and with lyrics that are both mysterious, warm and human, about time, existence, belonging - and all the incomprehensible. Pearls like "Time", "Great Gig in the Sky", "Money" and "Us And Them" all have their unique sound, in a unique whole!

In addition to "The Dark side.." in its entirety, the show contains a number of classics from other legendary Floyd albums.

In Narvik, a choir from Parken secondary school will also participate on stage.

About TNFS:

Norway's best Pink Floyd tribute, The Nordic Floyd Show (formerly Dark Side of the Wall/DSOTW Norway) has already achieved nirvana: To be approved by their own idols. Dark Side of the Wall is the band that Roger Waters thinks is "F***ing brilliant", and that has been playing to full houses for over 20 years.
Bergens Tidende thought it was "Magnificent and impressive in every way" and " impressive performance that certainly belongs to the very best of its kind."

The band's lifelong love of Pink Floyd's music turned into an energy bomb from the first rehearsal. Since then, Helge Nyheim (vocals/drums), Bjarte Aasmul (guitar/vocals), Kai Taule (bass/vocals) and Dag Øivind Rebnord (keyboards/visual fx) have developed the concept into a terrific multimedia performance. They have collaborated with guest artists such as Ian Ritchie (UK, Roger Waters band), Sharon Gaynor (IRL, Breathe), Tine Taule and others.

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  • 03 February 19:00

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