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The Ofoten Railway - Hike across Norway

A 42km train journey from Narvik to the Swedish border takes you from fjord to mountain through a wild, dramatic, uninhabited landscape. From the Swedish border, Riksgrensen, we walk the beautiful Rallarvegen trail (15 km) all the way to the fjord at Rombaksbotn.

Imagine an easy ramble through a magnificent, untouched landscape of mountains, canyons and waterfalls. Add a large helping of cultural history and a melodrama of unhappy love, and you have the Rallarveien trail near Narvik.

A local guide will guide you through this amazing journey. At Rombaksbotn you will be picked up by RIB boats and you will get to experience Rombaksbotn from the seaside, before transfer back to Narvik by bus.

Duration: about 7,5 hours
Number of participants: 1-20
Level of difficulty: Easy to moderate
Meeting place and time: Narvik Railway Station at 10.30 am.
Included in the price: Train ticket, local guide, bon fire coffee and light snacks, RIB boat and bus transfer back to Narvik.

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