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Oscar Danielson - Vinterfestuka 2020

på Narvik Kulturhus
Oscar Danielson is his own genre, and by many considered Sweden's best songwriter. After the album «Stockholm in my heart» (2011) with the song «Besvärjelse» he has gained an ever larger audience, and toured extensively throughout Scandinavia.

In November 2014, he warmed up for Bjørn Eidsvåg in a crowded Oslo Spectrum, and it is far between the times 9000 people are as eager as they were then. Shortly after, he appeared on NRK's "Lindmo", and again both excited and intrigued Danielson's song universe the Norwegian people.

Now the Stockholm-born 46-year-old is coming back to us with a show that evokes laughter as well as tears. The theme is - of course - women. There are songs about love, full of seriousness and deep human observations, spiced with humor that are the hallmarks of Oscar.

Eva Weel Skram has made a version of Oscar's song "Sorcery" with Norwegian text, "We Lover".

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  • 18 March 19:00

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