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Outdoors concert with Narvik Skolekorps and LKAB Musikkorps

Come listen to the concert by the city's young and not-so-young band musicians at Det Fjerde Hjørnet in city center. We can accommodate up to 200 people in the audience with everyone following the distance rules.

Narvik Skolekorps (Narvik school band) with a 70 year anniversary, and LKAB Musikkorps (LKAB music band) are arranging an outdoors concert outside of Det Fjerde Hjørnet, in the middle of city center. We can offer newly written Norwegian music, several soloists and a great atmosphere. We have ordered good weather, by the way.
PS! Although the concert is for free, we are very happy for any Vipps contribution to nr. 72361

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  • 19 June 18:00

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  • Culture and history