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Rallarveien Package incl Arctic Train and Boat&Bus transfer from Rombaksbotn to Narvik

Experience the Navvy Road whether you hike across Norway or start the journey from the legendary Katterat Station. You can also book a guided tour with a local.

Arctic Train
You will experience a train ride that takes you from fjord to mountain through a wild, dramatic and uninhabited landscape. If you want to get off at Katterat Station we recommend that you take the train ride all the way to Bjørnfjell Stasjon where the train turns and departs at Katterat Station on return. Arctic Train departs from Narvik Station at 12.30, and it stops at Katterat Station on return about 13.40. Good enough time to hike down to Rombaksbotn where departure by boat is at 18.00.

The Navvy Road
Imagine a light hike in the magnificent, untouched nature of mountains, valleys and waterfalls. Add large doses of cultural history and a melodrama of unhappy love, and you have the Navvy Road at Narvik.

Every Saturday during the period you can book a guided tour with a local on the route Katterat Station - Rombaksbotn
Every Sunday during the period you can book a guided tour with a local on the route Bjørnfjell Stasjon - Rombaksbotn (Norway across)

Every Saturday and Sunday from the 4th of July to the 2nd of August

Arctic Train depature Narvik Station at 12.00
Arrives Bjørnfjell Station at 13.18
Arrives Katterat Station on return at 13.40
The boat depature from Rombaksbotn at 18.00
Arrives at Narvik Station at about 19.00

Price ticket to Arctic Train and transport from Rombaksbotn to Narvik
Adult NOK 1100
Children NOK 800

Price for a local guide in addtion to the ticket
Adult NOK 500
Children NOK 250

Contact information
Kikki Westrheim
Mob +47 995 380 45

Contact information

Product information

Prices from : 1100 NOK Per person

- Adult NOK 1100 Children NOK 800

- 350

Activity duration: Hours : 6h

Product attributes

  • Bookable
  • Local Living
  • Family Friendly
  • Culture and history