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The vision of the municipality is to push boundaries. Welcome to a diverse, spacious and forward-looking municipality! The municipality of Salangen borders in the north towards Dyrøy and Sørreisa, in the east towards Bardu, in the south towards Lavangen, and across the Sagfjord in the west, Ibestad.

The landscape in Salangen municipality consists of fjords with a unique archipelago, perfect for boating and fishing. The mountains invite to exiting top trips of different nature, both hiking and skiing. Every year, several thousand visitors come to Salangen the first weekend in July, to experience fishing, people and concerts with international and national bands, at the coolest fish competition in Norway, Millionfisken (The Millionfish Festival). About 2000 people participate in the contest, with a total prize pool of over NOK 1 million.

New Year's Eve in Salangen is spectacular and popular. Several thousand people meet every year on New Year's Eve to celebrate a show of good music and colourful fireworks. A wonderful happening that people come from far away to experience.

In Salangen you find North Norway's first airstrip, currently used for parachute and small-flying activity. Midnight Sun Boogie is a spectacular offer for parachute enthusiasts from all over the world. We have many arctic experiences and activities. Fishing in the fjord, fishing in the river, hiking in Sagelva's caves, hiking in the mountains, cycling in marked terrain trails, or paddling the river are some examples.

Salangen is the perfect place to experience an Arctic Archipelago!


Troms og Finnmark


Adm. center

457,9 km²

2 087

Highest mountain
Hjerttinden (1381 m)

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