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Schøyen, Skåber og Cess - Three Elephants in the Room

på Narvik Kulturhus
Schøyen, Skåber and Cess march their victory walk to Narvik!

"Three elephants in the room" has become one of the biggest successes that has ever been at Latter in Oslo and the success is still touring. Both the audience and the press love this energy bomb of a performance, where three of the country's funniest get to do what they can best. And now almost 100,000 people have seen the show.

As the title reveals, the show revolves around the term "the elephant in the room" - things we're all aware of but no one wants to talks about. During the show, the ladies will take on "elephants" of different colors and shapes, whether they appear as relatives at the wedding dinner, an honest mix choir or too strict criterias for the dream guy.

Look forward to a hysterically fun evening at Narvik Kulturhus when Hege Schøyen, Linn Skåber and Cess will march with a full band in the back!

Price from 480 NOK

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  • +47 76965390
  • https://www.narvikkulturhus.no/program/schoyen-skaber-cess-tre-elefanter-i-rommet/
  • [email protected]


  • 25 April 19:00

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