Silje Nergaard opptrer med Espen Berg i Vinterfestuka 2023

Silje Nergaard performs with Espen Berg in Vinterfestuka 2023

A close and evocative journey through Silje's fantastic repertoire, together with world pianist Espen Berg

In 2020, Silje Nergaard celebrated her 30th anniversary as an artist and on that occasion began an exciting musical collaboration with jazz pianist Espen Berg, who has, among other things, received the Molde Jazz Scholarship and is considered a world-class pianist. Together, they have selected songs from Silje's extensive musical catalog with beautiful, stripped-down versions of her best-known material, including Be Still My Heart, The Waltz, Japanese Blue and not least Tell Me Where You're Going, in addition to some new and exciting material, including from Silje's latest album HOUSES, which came out in autumn 2021.

With her 18 album releases, Silje Nergaard has toured the world with her music, and her songs are constantly being covered internationally. Her release At First Light is, with over 140,000 copies sold, Norway's best-selling jazz album of all time.

The duo invites the public to a close, intimate and exclusive concert experience where they take the listener into the stories behind the creation of the songs.

Espen's dynamic and playful piano playing means that Silje's beautiful and unique voice really shines in this lovely musical interaction.

The duo will in the Teatersalen give you a concert experience that is pure balm for ears, heart and soul.

SEATED CONCERT. The doors open 30 minutes before the event starts.

We adhere to the currently applicable infection control regulations. This means that there may be limitations on how many people we can have in the audience. If more tickets have been sold than are allowed, priority will be given to those who have bought tickets first. Depending on which rules apply, there may be an order to use a mask or that the seats are placed at a distance.
If the event is canceled or there are restrictions, the tickets will be refunded.

The organizer reserves the right to postpone or change the time for winding down the event in the event of unforeseen events that cannot be prevented, e.g. fire, outbreak of war, natural disaster, strike, public law orders etc. The organizer also reserves the right to change the set content for the cancellation of the event, such as changing the artist, player, etc.

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