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Šlubbugoahti Turf hut

A time travel one hundred years back in time.
Welcome to Šlubbugoahti, a turf hut (goahti) located below Snubbkollen, for accommodation and recreation in scenic surroundings in the local Sami village Duorga/Snubba in Evenes county.

Šlubbugoahti, the goahti below Snubbkollen has an ocean view, with a magnificent view of both Ofoten and the Norwegian National mountain Stetinden. You will regain peacefulness in mind after spending two nights or more in the goahti. The surroundings inspire to activity and experiences. Sitting by the fireplace in the gapahuk next to the goahti will most likely give you a feeling of just being present. The moose is often seen grassing from the herbs below the gapahuk, rabbits and foxes can be visiting, and birds are singing in the pine- and birch forest. It is possible to sign up for a hike in the forest, go fishing with a boat or learn how to pitch a traditional tipi, called lavvu. For larger groups it is possible to hire the area for outdoor accommodation without using the goahti.

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