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Snart gryr en ny dag - Matiné

på Narvik Kulturhus
A concert with music by Trygve Hoff!

"Snart gryr en ny dag" is a large-scale celebration of the municipal union of Tysfjord, Ballangen and Narvik. In this concert you will be served wonderful Northern Norwegian music written by Trygve Hoff. "Kjærlighetsvise i mørketid", "Snart gryr en dag", "Har en drøm" and "Nocturne i Nord" are some of the treats. Behind the orchestra from Music in Nordland and soloists Karoline Åseng and Mikael Rönnberg, there'll a choir of 150 singers from all three municipalities.

Price from 290 NOK
/Per person

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  • 12 September 16:00

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Prices from : 290 NOK Per person

- Children under 16 y

- o: 290 NOK Honorary

- student: 360 NOK Adult: 390 NOK

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  • Culture and history