Spanstind Ski touring




Stetinden, the giant granite monoloith that looms over the fjord of Stefjorden, is Norway`s national mountain and is mostly known as a goal for climbers. To reach the main summit you indeed will have to use a rope and climbing gear, but the east summit, which with its 1319 meters above sea level is just above 80 megters shy of the main summit, offers fairly gentlem but spectacular skiing in a majestic landscape. 

The tour starts from the parking spot at the foot of the mountain, right by the fjord. Through the forrest and forward to the small lake of Svartvatnet at 728 meters elevation, the route follows the summer path that starts right behind the parking spot, to the east of the river Storelva. Just before the lake one has to pass through a section of about 50 meters of elevation that is up to about 35 degrees steep. When you reach the lake, the route onwards veers off from the summer path and continues over the lake towards the col between Stetinden and Presttinden. Before reaching the col you will have to pass a section about 100 meters high that is ut to about 35 degrees steep. The col itself is at about 940 meters above sea level and from here you continue towardsnorthwest over some  wide slopes towards the east summit. Right before the summit there ais a short section of terrain up to about 35 degrees steep, but if  you stay to far west on the ridge, you will avoid the steepest part. The aest summit and the ridge towards it is fairly wide, but there are steep cliffs on the sides and one shuld be very carefull when approaching the edge, especially in poor visibility. When you have reached the cairn marking the top of the east summit, you can anjoy the spectacular view along the knife sharpe edge to the main summit and to the surrounding fjords and mountains.


Stetinden consiste mainly of steep slabs and cliffs to all sides, except the route you followed up, so the only real option for the ski down follows the same way.

Parking: At the parking spot right after the tunnel under Stetinden

Driving distance and time from the city of Narvik:  Approximately 1h and 20 min and 80km.

Duration: Approximately 6hours and 30 minutes

Elevation: 1300 meters