Hiking in Tøttadalen
Første vannet i Tøttadalen
Gapahuk i Tøttadalen
Tottadalen cross country skiing

Tøttadalen Valley

Tøttadalen valley is one of the most visited nature areas in Narvik for families as well as advanced hikers. Tøttadalen is not a typical valley, but a description of the area from the start of Tøttadalen and up to the foot of the Tøttatoppen at lake Forsnesvannet.

In the Tøttadalen valley, there are facilities for hatches, lookout points, day trip cabins, fire places with tables and benche and there are several fishing lakes; The Førstevannet lake, the Pumpvannet lake, and the Forsnesvannet lake.

How to get to Tøttadalen
Tøttadalen is within walking distance of Narvik town center, about 2 km. To get there from the town center, follow the main street Kongensgate to the Tøttaveien street. Then follow Tøttaveien to the bottom of the alpine slopes at Narvikfjellet Ski Resport and here you turn to left. You are now in Mårveien street, then follow Reinveien street further up to the Minicraft plant. Here you can park your car and this is the starting point for all hiking trails in Tøttadalen. There is placed a big information board about the various hiking trails at the start of Tøttadalen.

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