Topptur til Storsteinsfjellet
Topptur til Storsteinsfjellet
Topptur til Storsteinsfjellet
Topptur til Storsteinsfjellet

Tour to the summit of Storsteinsfjellet

At 1893 meters of elevation, the summit of Storsteinsfjellet is the highest in the county of Narvik and the fourth highest in northern Norway. The trip involves both glacier crossing and scrambling over rock and is a true alpine adventure.

Between the fjords of Rombaksfjorden to the north and Skjomen to the south and close to the border to Sweden to the east, there is a high mountain plateau with large open valleys and flats, several smal and larger lakes with connecting rivers and streams, several large glaciers and where you will find the the highest mountains in the municipality of Narvik. With its 1893 meters of elevation, Storsteinsfjellet is the highest of these mountains. From the summit, there is a spectacular 360 degree view to the surrounding landscapes and the rest of the region of Ofoten.

It is possible to drive up on this mountain plateau and drive along a dirt road all the way to the parking at the foot of the massif that makes up Storsteinsfjellet at almost 700 meters of elevation. From here the normal route goes through fairly easy terrains made up of flats and small valleys that eventually passes through a spectacular landscape dominated by huge morains that leads to the front of the glacier at about 1000 meters elevation. From here the route to the summit crosses the glacier. The glacier isn´t very steep, but the upper part is always covered in snow and for large parts of the season this is also true for the lower part of the glacier and several large crevasses are hidden under the snow, so roping up is advised. The large couple of hundred meters to the summit goes over rock and involves some easy climbing and scrambling where it might be best to be roped up as well.. The descent follows the same way back.

Included in the price: The guide and all his expenses and all necessary climbing equipment.

The terrain on the approach toward Storsteinsfjellet is for the most part fairly easy, but it involves over 20 km of hiking and over 1300 meters of elevation. This requires that one are in good physical condition and has experience from hiking in the mountains. The upper part of the summit of the mountain involves some easy climbing and scrambling, but it is not required to have any prior climbing experience to be able to participate on this tour.

Price from 4500 NOK
/per tour

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Prices from : 4500 NOK per tour

- 1 Person 4500 NOK - 2 person 6000NOK 3 person 7500NOK

Activity duration: Hours : 8-10h

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