War history museum package

<div>In April 1940, all eyes are on Narvik – why? What happens during the battle of Narvik?</div><div>How did the young inexperienced soldiers prepare for the dramatic mountain war? How did our soldiers' personal weapons, equipment and vehicles change in the twentieth century?</div><p><br></p>

In this War History Museum Package you receive answers to this and many other questions when you visit the three museums: Narvik War Museum in Narvik, Krambuvika Village Museum at Tennevoll and Troms Military Museum at Setermoen. You decide when to visit the different museums- maybe on the way between Narvik and Tromsø? Please note that you will need to book your visit at Krambuvika Village Museum. 

Narvik War Museum
Narvik War Museum is based on the battle of Narvik in April 1940 and creates an understanding of what happens in the region when the naval battles and the mountain war – 62 dramatic days – unfolds. Through exhibiting artefacts, interactive digital surfaces, texts, and pictures, the museum displays how Nazi-Germany’s attack and occupation portrays and draw lines from the days of peace in 1945 into our own time. The exhibitions contribute to thoughts and reflections concerning “us” and “the others”, the value of a human life and how we must understand war to build peace.

Opening hours 2021:
Until June 13:  Every day 10am – 4pm
From June 14 - August 22: Every day 10am – 6pm

Krambuvika Village Museum
Krambuvika village museum is focusing on the march to the fighting in April 1940. General Carl Gustav Fleischer had his office in the village and many of the strategic plans were made right here. How did they prepare? What would they be faced with? And how did the locals help?

The exhibitions describe daily life during occupation in a small bay in northern Norway. Here the soldiers came between the battles to rest and prepare before going into battle again. You also get insight into how people lived in the war years after the Nazis occupied their houses and confiscated horses, equipment and vehicles. 
Opening hours 2021:
July 1 - September 1, every day from 12 noon - 8 pm with booking

The price includes guided tour of the museum - please contact us to book your guide. Phone number + 47 476 41 864 / + 47 482 05 323 or email [email protected]

Troms Military Museum
Via the museum's extensive collection visitors travel back in time and get an opportunity to become acquainted with the equipment and personal items soldiers have used. There are anecdotes and personal stories related to the objects and photos in the exhibit.

Learn more about the dramatic escape the King, the Crown Prince and other figures in the government made through Indre-Troms during the Battle of Narvik at the start of World War II.

The museum has an interesting collection of military vehicles. The garage can be opened by appointment, affording a closer look at these vehicles.

Opening hours 2021:
June 21 - August 8, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11am - 4pm
The price includes the information booklet "Narvik 1940 - War historical landscape" with photos and maps as well as a light refreshments in our "Peace Cafe", with a taste of the "field diet" from 1940.