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Wolf Visit in Polar Park

Wolf Visit allows you to get in close contact with the wolf, but always on the wolf’s terms. A unique experience under the Artic Light in Polar Park.

Wolf Visit was established to ensure better welfare of wolves in captivity, increase knowledge, and to offer guests a unique wilderness experience. The wolves are socialised and accustomed to associate with humans at close range. We give you a unique opportunity to meet the wolves in Polar Park inside the enclosure.

Our team will be with you all of the time and tell you everything you need to know about wolves.
It is possible to visit the wolves all year round, but we recommend the winter season when the park is covered in snow. The wolves are most active in the winter, especially during mating season from February to April.

Polar Park has a great focus on safety, both for guests and animals. Due to this, the following requirements must be fulfilled.
- You are minimum 18 years old
- You are minimum 160 cm tall
- You have good physical health (no hurting knees)
- You are not pregnant
- You do not take strong hormone or blood thinning medication
- You do not have a disease where you experience uncontrolled seizures, e.g. epilepsy
- You are not afraid of dogs
- You understand English or Norwegian well (NO translation is allowed, we must be able to communicate with ALL participants)
- You must be able to follow instructions and pay attention at all times to your guide
- You must dress suitably for the weather and activity – check the weather forecast
- You can not wear any perfume, perfumed oil or lotion
- You can not be under the influence of alcohol or medication that affects your behaviour
- You can not wear hats, gloves, headbands. And anything covering the face or head, must be taken off before we enter the wolf enclosure. Dark glasses or sunglasses must be taken off as well.
- Your outer layer of clothing can not be made from fur, leather, down or fleece, or any animal produce

When you agree on the terms and conditions for this booking you also agree on these requirements as they are included in the booking terms and conditions. So please read the terms and conditions carefully before you book your Wolf Visit.

Polar Park has the right to stop a Wolf Visit if a guest does not follow the above stated rules/requirements. No refunds will be given.

All participants of the Wolf Visit must also sign a contract to declare that they fulfil the requirements. This contract will be given you during the safety instructions.

Sept - March

Wednesdays and Fridays


Approx 2 hours including preparations and safety instructions

Per person NOK 3000
In addition, you must buy an entrance ticket to the Polar Park NO 260
If you travel with the Arctic Route, the entrance fee is included in the price and you do not need to buy extra ticket.

Meeting Point
Polar Park reception

Included in the price
Wolf Visit, safety instructions, guide, thermal suit

Min/max pax

Latest booking
At 12.00 the day before

Effort Level
Level 2-3
Moderate to physical activity on some uneven surface

Contact Information
[email protected] / www.polarpark.no
[email protected]

Contact information

Product information

Prices from : 3000 NOK Per person

- Adult NOK 3000

Activity duration: Hours : 2h

Product attributes

  • Bookable
  • Arctic living