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The municipality of Evenes consists of landscape and forest, long coastlines and mountainous areas.

Because of this you find great hiking trails and outstanding sea fishing opportunities in the area. Evenes Municipality have made an enormous effort with marking hiking trails, so all conditions are made for a great hiking experience.

Evenes is known for coastal and sami culture, and a Sami Center called “Várdobáiki”, where they run a open air museum, is located here. Here you will learn about aspects of the Sámi cultural heritage, livelihood and religion in the wooded countryside where Sámi, who once led a semi-nomadic life with their reindeer, ultimately settled down to farm and fish. The museum tells you about the people and their history and gives you an idea of what it was like to live in Evenes municipality 200 years ago.

To learn about the World War 2 history events in Evenes municipality, you will find a cultural trail that you can follow and see several relics from a World War 2 coastal defence battery.

Evenes is the home of the spectacular Trollkirka one of Norways longest limestone caves with pot-holes, deep ravines and cascades, which can only be described as a remarkable nature experience. To visit Trollkirka it is recommended to use a guide.

Evenes is also the home of The Stonechurch, that is a contribution by the artist Bjørn Nørgaard and was placed close by the sea in Evenes in 1995. The stone church is a spectacular sculpture and a special landmark.

The regional airport Harstad / Narvik Airport Evenes is located in Evenes municipality.




Adm. center

252,78 km²

1 334

Highest mountain
Litletinden (1134,3 m)

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